I’m Moving to New York ’cause I’ve got problems with my sleep..

Don’t you just love living in a student house.  These houses are totally different to your average 2.4 family.  For a start the house is organised differently.  What would usually be considered a living room and separate dining room automatically becomes the landlords perfect way for creating more money..

“I know, I’ll make one of the downstairs rooms a bedroom, that way I can squeeze some extra money out of these people…”

However on behalf of all the people that have to stay in a downstairs bedroom, this is a ridiculous idea.  For a start I have an old gas fire in my room which means the room is drafty from the chimney breast in addition to the vents under the window.  Secondly I can’t ever have my window or curtains open because I dont really want people seeing into my room and think “Hey I’ll come back later and get that TV and laptop.”  My room is not a shop.  Then there’s the noise from the street.  Take this morning for instance, I was rudely woken by a group of youths who had come to knock for their friends (our neighbours) before they went to school.  Thus I was in a grumpy mood for most of the morning.

Anyway, I am calm, as Le Boyfriend is arriving tomorrow and therefore I have to clean the room before he arrives.  I am rather excited as I have not seen him in precisely 16 days and to be honest I do miss him.  He’s alright I guess *nonchalent tone*

So the hoover is awaiting me and I feel the need to dance around to Zane Lowe while annoying my housemates with the loudness hehe.

Peace out


I felt the best way to procrastinate (and therefore avoid doing any work) was to create a new blog…